Example render

The library is written in typescript and can be used client side or server side. Or images can simply be pre-rendered to .png files and included wherever.

Try it out HERE

Checkout the Github Repo to contribute or report issues

Read the Documentation for examples on how to use yourself


  • n x n cubes, megaminx, pyraminx, skewb, square 1 (most wca puzzles)
  • full 3d customization
  • algorithm support
  • custom color schemes
  • different puzzle views (3d, 2d, top layer)
  • render to .png images. (also supports, svg, and canvas)
  • etc…

Example Images

In High school my two hobbies were speed cubing and web development. I often built different cubing related websites. I found myself wanting an easy way to generate images of puzzles to imbed in the sites I was building. There are actually several good options for this, but nothing supported all of the features I wanted. So I took it upon myself to build my own Rubik’s Cube image generator.

Project Ideas

I have wanted to build several things needing a puzzle image generator. I never got around to building them for several reasons. Now days many of these have already been built, and built much better than I would have built them 🙂

  • Cube timer that shows 3d scramble previews for all supported puzzles
  • algorithm database to show before / after for many different puzzles
  • solution guides with image previews


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