A Rubik’s brand speed cube? Just over a year ago I never imagined I’d be writing this Rubik’s speed cube review. Partnering with GAN, Rubik’s launched the Rubik’s speed in July 2017, offering their first speed cube that can compete with other speed cubes on the market.

Rubik’s speed cube really offers a lot for such a medium cost. Selling for $18.99 at rubiks.com (and a little cheaper on amazon), Rubik’s speed cube is one of the least expensive competitive speed cubes on the market today. It really is a great deal for the performance of a GAN cube.


Best tiles: Seriously some great tiles. They feel look amazing and give a great overall feel to the cube.

Rubik’s Tiles

First, the tiles on this speed cube make it stand out from the rest. Stickers will eventually need to be replaced due to wear from speed cubing. While others may like the aesthetic of stickerless cubes, I prefer the black border surrounding the tiles/stickers. The tiles on this cube give the best of both worlds.

The tiles on this cube truly feel amazing. In fact, they are a great improvement from Rubik’s first implementation of their tiles. The texture is sleek and sturdy, making the cube satisfying to grip just like a stickered or stickerless cube.

The colors are the standard Rubik’s shades. They contrast well so color recognition isn’t hindered. The only con is that they tiles are not interchangeable, making customization impossible. So if you absolutely must have your custom color scheme, this may not be the cube for you.

GES (GAN Elasticity System) Springs

Next, let’s talk about the spring system. Out of the box the cube is tensioned well, which is good because it doesn’t come with a tool to adjust the springs. You could probably find something to adjust it with, so it isn’t a big deal.

Rubik’s speed cube doesn’t offer any additional spring sets but they can be ordered from their website a long with the tool to adjust the springs.

Rubik’s Speed Cube Review Conclusion

SpeedPretty fast, great compromise of speed and stability
StabilityEasy to control. Not prone to lockups or overturning.
OtherGreat tiles.

Overall the Rubik’s speed cube is a great cube. Turning and corner cutting is great, very similar to a GAN puzzle. The base version lacks some customization options. But honestly, I only use one pair of springs offered by the GAN 356 X. So why spend more on springs and magnets if you won’t even use them?


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