Speedcubing has become really popular, and many different speedcubes are available nowadays. It’s hard to know what’s the best speed cube to buy. Below are reviews of the top 5 best speed cubes to buy in 2019. I’ve also included a guide that will help you know what to look for in a speed cube, and how to pick the right one for you.

There isn’t a speed cube that is perfect for everybody. Cubes have different qualities that make then unique. I’ve highlighted the most common aspects cubers look for in their speedcubes.

If you don’t have a Rubik’s cube yet, or aren’t interested in speedcubing, check out the Rubik’s brand 3×3. You can pick it up locally for cheap and wont need to spend lots of money online on a top of the line speedcube.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 best speed cubes 2019

Gan 356 X Speed Cube


Best overall: The Crème de la Crème. Can't get much better than this.

The 356 X has every customization a DIY enthusiast could want. It features the first replaceable cube design.

First, let’s talk about the magnets. It comes with 4 different magnet sets. (3 magnetic strengths and 1 without magnets) Find the one you like best, or remove the magnets completely when you don’t want to use them.

Lastly, the springs. It also comes with 4 different spring sets with different elasticity levels. Adjusting the springs is a breeze with the improved GES nut assemblies, making tensioning each side the same easier than on any other cube.

The 356 X could very well be the last cube you ever need to buy. It truly is the only cube that can work for any preference.

QiYi Valk 3 Power Magnetic Speed Cube

This is second magnetic cube on this list. The Valk 3 was used by Mats Valk to set 3×3 world record of 4.74 seconds in 2016, proving the capabilities of this cube.

Although this cube isn’t customizable like the 356 X, it’s a great cube for half the price. The turning and corner cutting are as good as you can expect from a top of the line speedcube.

Moyu Weilong GTS V2

The non magnetic version of the Weilong, the GTS V2 packs a punch. It’s a bit more expensive than the ZanChi, but cheaper than the magnetic cubes for a similar quality.

I chose the GTS V2 over the newer GTS3 for personal preference. The GTS3 only comes with magnets making it a bit more expensive. and has a ridge on the border of each face that I’m not used to.

The Moyu Weilong is the go to cube for many speedcubers. It has a “crunchier” feel than the ZanChi and Gans. It provides a little tactile feedback when turning so you shouldn’t be worried about overturning to getting lockups.

Moyu Aolong V2

The Aolong V2 another great cube from D-FantiX. It has a bit of a “crunchier” feel than the Gan 365 X, much like the Weilong.

If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, but prefer something sturdier and more tactile than the ZanChi then this is the cube for you.

Dayan ZhanChi Speed Magic Cube


Best Price: A great cube for a great price!

Dayan ZhanChi was one of the first modern speedubes. It revolutionized the cubie design to optimize for corner cutting and minimize pops. It also popularized the stickerless cube. At the time, some said the stickerless ZhanChi was even better than the stickered version.

The ZhanChi has very smooth turning with a satisfying weight. It’s not a very quiet cube, but turning it feels like butter.

In short, the Dayan ZhanChi is a great speedcube for an affordable price. If you don’t have a speedcube yet and aren’t willing to pay $30+ for one with all sorts of features you don’t need, then pick up this one.

How to choose the best speedcube

Size of the cube

Cube size is important because everybody has different size hands. Some cubers might like a smaller or mini cube, while others might prefer a larger one. There are a few different sizes of cubes available and it’s important to keep that in mind when shopping for a new speedcube.

Performing algorithms quickly might be easier on different size cubes. Also, different 3×3 events such as one handed solving is easier on smaller cubes. So pick one that is right for you.

Standard 3×3 size is 57mm. Most speedcube’s are 56mm. Anything below that is considered a small cube. Overall, what cube size you like comes down to personal preference. I have smaller hands, and I prefer a 56mm cube.


Stickers can affect your grip on the puzzle and your color recognition. Of course practice can make up for any initial discomfort you have with a new puzzle, but it’s important to pick a style that works best for you.

Color scheme

Sticker shades are pretty standard, each brand will generally have white, yellow, red, orange, green, and blue. But the shades can be slightly different. There’s also an option to choose from standard, full-bright, and half-bright sticker sets.

Half-bright sticker sets will include a lighter yellow, green, and orange shade. And a full-bright set includes a brighter shade of red and blue as well.

You aren’t limited to just the standard colors. You get custom colors at cubicle.us and pick from many different shades.


Stickerless cubes have colored plastic pieces and don’t have any stickers. Over time most stickers usually chip off a bit, so eventually they all look a bit disorderly. Stickerless cubes don’t have this problem and you will never have to replace the stickers. The downside is that you cannot change the color scheme with custom stickers. You’re locked into the shades it comes with.


Magnetic cubes are all the rage now. They have magnets in all the inside faces of each cubie, allowing the cube to self align better. This improves stability, allowing someone to have more control over the cube. Magnets don’t make or break top 5 best speed cubes 2019, it all comes down to preference.

Top speedcubers have all adopted magnetic cubes, but do they actually make you faster? The answer is, probably not. Becoming faster only comes with practice. If you’re still struggling to get to the sub 30 second solve time, magnetic cubes won’t drastically reduce your solve time. Again, it’s just preference.

Magnets can help you feel more comfortable solving the cube allowing you do perform tough algorithms without worrying about lockups. But if you don’t like the feel of the magnets it could hinder your performance. So don’t feel like you have to spend and extra $20 – $40 on a cube with magnets if you’re already comfortable with your current cube.


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you can also add the gts3m

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    Great thought! Do you prefer the GTS 3m over the GTS v2?

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