World's smallest Rubik's cube amazon product

I received this as a gift for Christmas and have loved playing with it. While this might not be the world’s smallest Rubik’s cube in the world, I think Tony Fisher made a smaller one shown here, this is the smallest mass produced 3×3 puzzle that i’m aware of.

Measuring in at 2cm x 2cm, the “World’s Smallest” Rubik’s cube is just 35% of length of a standard Rubik’s cube. And just 4% of the volume. The picture above showcases this cube next to an original 1980s Rubik’s cube.

Cube Turn Quality 3/5

This puzzle turns surprisingly well. I’ve had several “keychain” Rubik’s cubes over the years and this is better than the rest. It’s a little stiff, making finger tricks near impossible. Playing with it has loosened it up a bit, however nobody is going to be speed cubing on this puzzle anytime soon.

Due to its size you won’t be expecting any corner cutting. The layers align themselves a little bit, but it’s a little stiff to really matter. Reverse corner cutting is impossible and can cause the cube to lock up.

Cube Stickers 3/5

This cube doesn’t actually have stickers. It appears to just have colors painted on the puzzle. The craftsmanship could be better. For instance, my blue face wasn’t aligned properly. However, as a result the colors haven’t chipped or pealed. Even after several hours of being played with.

Novelty 5/5

Overall this puzzle is not practical for speed cubing, but it makes a great novelty toy. It makes a great gift at an affordable price. Currently mine serves as a desk ornament at my office. Then when anybody asks, I can tell them I own the “World’s Smallest” Rubik’s cube

If this cube is a bit to small, be sure to check out our review on the Rubik’s 3×3 cube. Or if you’re looking for a different challenge try some other puzzles.


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