Your first Rubik’s cube goes a long way. I got my first cube when I was twelve. I took it everywhere. I solved it until the stickers began to wear down. The cube featured in the picture above isn’t my first cube. This is a Rubik’s brand 3×3 cube. If you’re looking to get into speed cubing, or just looking into upgrading your parents 30 year old Rubik’s cube then this is a great starting point.


  • Tiles (no more peeling or cracking stickers)
  • Affordable price
  • Solid Construction


The tiles are a huge improvement from the laminated stickers that used to come on Rubik’s brand cubes. These are built to last. The colors are bright and very distinguishable. They feel great in the hand and don’t slip around when playing with the Rubik’s cube.

The downside to the tiles is that they aren’t replaceable. If you prefer different shades, or an alternate color scheme you may want a cube that has replaceable stickers.


Turning quality is great, especially when compared to what Rubik’s brand cubes used to be like. Out of the box the cube came tensioned just fine for me. Turning feels very satisfying. The layers aren’t too heavy but have a little weight to them so you have some feedback when turning.

Corner cutting is ok. Worlds better than older versions of Rubik’s cube. However, at times it can catch a little bit.

Overall this is a fantastic cube for anybody, or to give away as a gift. I still pick it up from time to time.